Oh, I heard you like edgy nutritional information …

2 Steps

1 → Eat whole foods.

2 → Eat 90% (or more) plants.

*This seems to be the perennial wisdom across all the badass doctors, scientists and journalists (Ornish, Campbell, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Greger, McDougall, Blue Zones & Pollan). The Whole Foods dude explains it in detail here.


Day negative 2 I reluctantly listen to Dr. Fuhrman on Pete Holmes’ podcast. I. can’t. unhear. it.

Day 1 Everything tastes stupid.

Day 4 I would kill a man to go to Yogurtland. I feel horrawful.

Day 9 Cooked something that tastes good thanks to hellonutritarian.com.

Day 16 I’m bloated and constipated on the highest fiber diet of my life. I google ‘vegan constipation transition.’ It’s common. I buy some hippy stuff.

Day 18 Hippy stuff works. First great 💩. Euphoria begins.

Day 19 Become embroiled in a gmail debate with an amazing chef who I want to do it.

↳ Do not try to convince anyone to do it.

Day 23 After years of thinking with my eyes closed, I experience full on #mushroomlevel transcendence using a iPhone meditation app.

Day 25 Third eye is going bonkers and I start bawling at the John Mayer concert. Going to lay off the transcendence for a few days.

Day 27 Can confirm: best decision of my life. Chronic migraines (5 years) & hemorrhoids (8 years #overshare) are gone.

Day 40 Dr. Fuhrman is great at waking people up because listening to him simulates a stroke. If you want to slow things down, the founder of Whole Foods presents a comprehensive overview of how we got here. The Q&A near the end is fantastic. He dispels the myth that eating like this is expensive. My monthly grocery bill has gone down.

Day 47 My cooking has supercharged since discovering straightupfood.com. Guests love the food too. BTW, don’t be scared of social isolation. I’ve cooked for more friends since eating this way.

Day 63 The Great Sweet Potato for Dinner Breakthrough: Cook a sweet potato. Steam a bunch of veggies. Make it a nice sauce.

↳ Anatomy of a sauce:

    Pick a nut or seed (walnuts, sesame seeds, whatever).

    Pick a citrus (lemon, apple cider vinegar, whatever).

    Now you can go savory (garlic, ginger, miso, mustard, whatever) or sweet (blueberries, apple, whatever).

    Blend it.

It’s so delicious. Every single damn time. And a staple of one of the longest living populations. Straight Up Food nails it yet again with the sauces.