Regular Bean Eater

… Reluctantly listen to Dr. Fuhrman on Pete Holmes’ podcast …

I … can’t … unhear … it …

 Day 1 Decide to eat “Whole Food Plant Based” for 30 days.

Day 2 Everything tastes stupid.

Day 4 I would kill a man to go to Yogurtland. I feel horrawful.

Day 9 Cooked something delicious thanks to

Day 16 I’m bloated and constipated on the highest fiber diet of my life. I buy some hippy stuff.

Day 18 Hippy stuff works. First great 💩. Euphoria ensues.

Day 19 Become embroiled in a gmail debate with an amazing chef who I want to do it.

↳ Do not try to convince any chefs to do it.

Day 23 After years of thinking with my eyes closed, I experience full on #mushroomlevel transcendence using a iPhone meditation app.

Day 25 Third eye is going bonkers and I start bawling at the John Mayer concert. Going to lay off the transcendence for a few days.

Day 27 Can confirm: Best decision of my life. Chronic migraines (5 years) & hemorrhoids (8 years #overshare) are gone.

Make your way through my favorite conversations. They are listed in the order I heard them. Enjoy the journey!

Favorite Conversations

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